Leading the Advancement of Mobile Health Monitoring

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, where every effort is being made to increase the effectiveness of care, while decreasing the financial burden on our system. With the introduction of BioTelemetry, we aim to lead in the advancement of mobile health services by providing unmatched products and services to help healthcare professionals monitor and diagnose patients in a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective manner.

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Healthcare Services

CardioNet is the world’s leading supplier of Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry™ (MCOT™) and provides next-generation ambulatory cardiac monitoring service with beat-to-beat, real-time analysis, automatic arrhythmia detection and wireless ECG transmission. Visit cardionet.com


Research Services

Cardiocore is a leading cardiac core lab that delivers superior global services, expert scientific consulting and state-of-the-art data and information management. Our centralized clinical trial services include electrocardiography (ECG), Holter monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and (BPM), echocardiography (ECHO), multigated acquisition scan (MUGA), cardiac event monitoring (CEM), protocol development, expert reporting and statistical analysis. Visit cardiocore.com


Medical Devices

Braemar engineers, develops and manufactures ambulatory cardiac monitors for leading healthcare companies worldwide. In addition, we manufacture and service OEM components for fluid transport and flow measurement devices, including pumps, tissue separators, and fluid infiltration.
Visit braemarinc.com